• Mt. Fuji is a sacred natural site and a symbol of worship mountain in Japan.
    STP-Gateway is a platform for travelling the sacred natural site, Mt. Fuji.

  • STP-Gateway aims at getting the authentication of
    the Global Sustainable Tourism Council International Standard of UNWTO.
    Four main Themes are :
    1. Effective sustainability planning
    2. Maximizing the social and economic benefits for local community
    3. Enhancing the culture heritage
    4. Reducing the negative impacts to the environment
    ①持続可能性の高い計画の実施 ②地域住民の社会的経済的恩恵 ③文化遺産の活性化 ④環境負荷の低減

  • Special travel planning for you
    – Accommodations, Meals, Transportations and
    Special experiences by using a map

  • Flash and Share your experience
    – Let`s flash and share your special experiences on My Page and SNS.
    My page とSNSを使ってあなたの特別な旅を世界の人々に公開し共有しよう。

Reflect our STP on the ground


Why don’t you become a member who has a sustainable tour information, local support and friendship with local society.


You can do…こんなことが可能です。

  • Sustainable Tour サステナブルツアー
  • Tour planning エコツアープランナー
  • Tour album エコツアーアルバム
  • Eco Tour-Sharing エコツアーシェアリング

Membership Annual Fee JPY1,200年会費1,200円

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富士とサステナブルツアーExperience of Eco Tours

Want to experience Planning Eco Tours?

Japanese history and culture for two thousand years have been inherited by the Shinto (The indigenous religion in Japan) which was called the civilization of the forest as natural worship. We propose a tour to Mt. Fuji so as to understand a close connection between the culture and the nature and to provide these assets and resources as sustainable activity.

You can make an effective plan with our suggestion for the way of transportation with less impact on the environment, the accommodations considering environment and restaurants providing local ingredients, and information on the highly valued cultural and nature spots.

エコツアープランナーTour Planning

Easy planning by making the map
Let`s make your own plan with referring to the comments, tour plans and tour albums from everyone….

Using Tour Planning, you can easily create a travel plan with selecting local activity, moving means, moving route, calculating of the cost and the accommodation area.
The CO2 Counter, which automatically calculates carbon dioxide emitted during a stay, is linked.
Let`s show the plan created by you and get advice and the impressions from other members.
Last but not least, the booking of the accommodation and activity is available.


Tour planningでは、現地でのアクティビティ選択、移動手段、移動ルート、費用の算

エコツアーアルバムTour Album – Gallery

Easy to create only with adding some sentences later to the photos taken in the field

Recording the experience of STP-Gateway such as events, meals and accommodations and so on
in Tour Album.
Let`s show and tell the wonderful memory of the trip to everyone !
Tour Album is a record of a trip made by the photos, videos,which taken by you, and texts.
It is easy to create with selecting the photo size, the character size and the layout.
It is able to share and exchange information with other members by creating and show the album with the wonderful experience of the trip as a work.

記録。 旅の素晴らしい思い出を公開してみんなにも伝えよう!
Tour albumは、あなたが撮影した写真や動画、テキストで作る旅の記録です。

STPプラットフォームSTP reflects our sustainable platform on the ground.

STP is composed of the planning in the platform, which is for the sustainable tour around Mt. Fuji and introduce information of activities, meals and accommodations regarding to this tour, and the local platform which supports you to realize planning surely and comfortably.

It provides you services such as the luggage storage, delivery to the accommodation, the bicycle rental and the advice of activities.

エコツアーシェアリングSharing your experience

Using STP-Gateway platform, let`s share your thinking, idea and experience with everyone for Eco-tourism and Sustainable tourism !

We aim at ;
1. All members can share all of the information posted and can discuss freely about the information.
2. All members can communicate each other with conversation.

All members of STP- Gateway can access, in principle, to all of the information posted on Bulletin Board(SNS), TourPlanning and TourAlbum.


※ STP-Gatewayの会員は、SNS(掲示板?)、Tour planning、Tour albumに